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Attractions in Vinschgau near the Alpenhotels Panorama

Culture and Art at the pass of Resia

Goldrain Castle

Castles, palaces and museums

In Vinschgau in South Tyrol

South Tyrol has a lot of sights! Our medieval castles and legendary palaces are waiting for your visit!

Or how about a time trip in our numerous museums? They will bring you into the past. Visit the oldest South Tyrolean, the 5000 years old glacial mummy Ötzi in the archaeology museum.

Interactive map Vinschgau
Church tower in lake
Old town Groun
Church tower in lake
Church tower in lake

The bell tower of Alt Graun and museum

The mostly pictured fotomotiv of Vinschgau

In the summer of 1950, the village of Graun, a part of Reschen as well as old hamlets were put under water for the construction of the reservoir.
The Romanesque tower was preserved for reasons of monument protection.
In the community museum in Graun, the history of seesting is illustrated vividly. There are also sacred objects and old farm items.

A legend says that during the winter you can still hear the church bells ringing, but in reality the bells were removed from the tower on July 18, 1950, a week before the demolition of the church nave and of the creation of the lake.

 wallfahrtskirche Valliereck
Church of Saint Niccoló

Wallfahrtschurch Valliereck

in Resia

Built in 1886 and painted with wall paper, vine and wickerwork at the end of the 19th century. The head of the Jesus child in the rose window comes from the old church of Resia. It was found in the rubble undisturbed after an explosion.


in Rojen

Precious jewel of a secluded valley. Construction period in the 13th or 14th century. With completely restored frescoes.
The key is available at Gasthof Rojen.

Schloss Nauders

The castle Nauders at the pass of Resia

in Tirol

The sovereign's court at the castle dates back at the beginning of the 13th Century. Then from ca. 14th Century until 1919 the castle was the seat of government agencies such as the District Court.

During the Engadine wars under Duke Siegmund and Emperor Maximilian, the first extension of the castle was completed with external works, roundel, circular towers, and battlements. Owned by the Köllemann family since 1980.

The castle has undergone several renovations since 1960 and is now partly used as a restaurant in the former stables and cellars; and in the upper floors as a museum on the judiciary and traffic on the pass of Resia.

Sorgente dell´Adige

Source of the river Adige

in Resia

The second-longest river in Italy, the Adige, rises in Reschen and flows into the Adriatic after 415 km

Bunker at Resia

Bunker tours

in Resia

Along the Resia border between 1936 and 1942 an extensive defensive line was erected to protect against a possibly invasion from Hitler.
Weekly guided tours, registration at the information office of Resia

Monastery of Marienberg

Monastery of Marienberg

in Burgeis

The highest Benedictine Abbey in Europe today still has eleven members and is a place of rest and strength. A museum was opened in the monastery in 2007